Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Life

Woo Hoo!!! I did it - I have hit the road running again. It felt difficult at first but then I found my stride and everything started to feel comfortable. The sweat was great...

Next day the legs were sore but a good sore...

Monday is a few hours away and I have a plan. Running three days - yoga one day - maybe some step aerobics one day and a couple of short bike rides.

I am also reading a couple of books - it is refreshing to read for pleasure.

I am dealing with a personal issue that has me considering my involvement with a volunteer group. The overall group is great, the mission of the project focuses on very basic principles of Christianity. The issue is one person - who is always negative and wants to be confrontational all the time.
So - do I allow conforntation to limit my ability to help others???

I guess I could look at this person like a marathon - keep pushing, plan for the unexpected and do not look back...stay on course.

My kids sent me flowers this week the card read "the race is not always to the swift...but to those who keep on running."

I think I will keep on running!!!

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