Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wow – where has today gone? It is 11 PM and I am just finishing discussion questions with my students. Of course watching the HOGS play the Sugar Bowl I am sure has had an impact on my time management skills.

Football is really a simple game – move the ball down the field and stop the other team from moving the ball down the field in the other direction.

Again today – the best laid plans of mice and men have been derailed. I find myself not completing everything I want to do. Maybe I want to do too much?
I am off work (no hospital) for 5 days – I have some time to re-evaluate my “to-do-list”. Maybe I will think about my “to-do-list” while trout fishing tomorrow – Not.

Check back tomorrow for the fishing report.

Spring River: Mammoth Springs, AR.

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