Friday, February 04, 2011

Breathe in and out - I can do this!

My Word for 2011 is Simple – Life is simple. We (people) make it complicated. The very basics of living– breathe in and out, eats, sleep, and live by the golden rule. The plan was for each of us to live our lives making a difference in someone else’s life.

Every day I strive to follow these four simple steps. I ran Wednesday and had planned to run on Thursday, but I did not get home till after 10 PM from the charitable health clinic. I had two classes to check-in. So – running did not happen.

Friday started out behind. I overslept and was late getting to the local radio station to talk about the upcoming Wild Turkey Foundation banquet. I did make – but I hate being late.

Home early form work – so running can happen tonight. Only 31 days till Little Rock ~ now I am starting to have second thoughts – what if I can’t finish the race? What if I am the last to cross the finish line?

Breathe in and out – keep it simple ~ I can do this!

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