Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy But Frustrated

Here it is Sunday night and I find myself frustrated and happy.  I am happy because I enjoyed the weekend.  I had planned to take off Friday but I ended up helping decorate a table for the hospital at a senior citizen fund raiser.  I am really proud of how the table came out.

The center piece is one I put together for my dining room.  I added the hurricane lamps that also came from my dining room

My niece came for a very short visit - she is allowing me to keep her four-legged babies while she finishes her last year of college.

Meet Angel - She is 11 years old. She is a sweet girl.

And, Oreo - he is 10 years-old. He is a great guy. He is trying hard to understand why he has to share our house with other four-legged babies.

Ok - so why am I frustrated - Another week has gone by and I have read a couple of books on running but not hit the road. So maybe next week.  Maybe my motivation will find the strength to get me up and moving.
Have a great week ~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why can't I run at night?

No Fear - I have always lived by this rule.  I know I am blessed. I know God is watching over me. My husband also lives by this rule. So, why is he so weird about me going running at night?

I am not a morning person. If I could start my day at 10 AM, I would be very happy.  I do my best work at 8 PM. 

My life is full. I work 8 to sometimes 6:30 at night. I come home and work on line till 9 or 10 PM (at least four nights a week).  I spend my lunch time at meetings or checking in on the Great River Charitable Clinic.

So, running after dark is logical to me.  Last night I said something about running - he acted weired. I said I would take one of the dogs with me - he immediately started asking what I would do if a stray dog came after us.  - What is a girl to do?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Repacking the waggon.

It has been a while since I sat down to write – Last week I wondered why my wagon wound not roll - but this week I know the wagon is rolling. I just need to repack the wagon to make everything fit.

Blogging is therapy for me. I was reading Maria Shiver’s blog tonight on managing your to-do-list without getting distracted.  I realize I put important task on my to-do-list but I never include me time.
I live by a to-do-list (actually my outlook calendar on my iPhone). The little black techie thing I carry around with me everyday - you know the thing that makes you panic if you can't find it.
I was reading Jeff Galloway’s book Marathon You Can Do It. Mr. Galloway says I only need 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes is not much time. Looking at the little black thing in my hand I have thirty minutes - everyday (and for those of you who know me - it is not during sleep time).
So my new to-do is 30 minutes a day of me time. Running, petting a four-legged baby, or blogging these are the things that make me happy. I am repacking the wagon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Waggon

Why is that one day you a riding the proverbial wagon, life is great. You are moving along. When a bumps comes along you just hang on you were prepared for the bump.
The next time you try to ride the wagon you can't stay on the wagon no matter what you do? The wagon keeps stopping or flips over. You have no will power, strength & motivation. It is just easier to walk. Should I paint the wagon make it more attractive? Buy a new wagon, maybe the old one is worn-out? Maybe I have forgotten how to drive the wagon, education? Maybe I was just meant to walk? The mysteries of life.

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