Sunday, July 22, 2012

C ~ coffee loving, caring, comfortable, cautious, controlling, and courageous, crafter

I spent a couple of days this week thinking about the letter “C”.  Some of the words I thought about include: Coffee, caring, comfortable, cautious, control, courageous, and crafty.
The hardest part of this project is deciding on one word. 

I love coffee – I run on coffee.  I can drink it all day long.  I like almost any blend of coffee.  I like it black, with sugar or with cream.  Simply I like coffee.
I am caring.  I often worry about others. I want to fix or take care of things.

I am comfortable.  Comfortable – cozy, snug, restful, that is my life and who I am.   
Cautious – I am cautious.  I have been hurt in my life. Because I have been hurt I sometimes find myself being cautious about new relationships and friendships.

Control – this is one of my greatest weaknesses.  I feel the need to control most aspects of my life.  I struggle everyday to allow God to work through me.  To give him control.
Courageous – I am courageous.  I am not afraid to jump in to situations that need fixing.  A couple of weeks ago I broke up a fight in the ER where I work.  I did not think twice before jumping between two men, both over 6 foot tall.   My children laugh at me because at 5 foot 2 inches I will not back up when right is right and wrong is wrong.

Each week during this project I have asked the Big Man how he would describe me – this week the word is crafty. When I asked the Big Man why he sees me as crafty, he pointed to my craft studio.   I do love crafts.  I like to scrapbook and knit. I do love to take objects that have little meaning and make things that have meaning.  So yes, I am crafty.

I am a coffee loving, caring, comfortable, cautious, controlling, and courageous, crafter.

~ Connie ~

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Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Love it! I'm a coffee drinking crafter myself, although it's been a while since I've done any crafts. Just not enough time in the day!