Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace Be With You - Speaking From My Heart

Woo Hoo!  It is Monday.   Each day is a new beginning.  I am praying for a better week than last week and telling my Love Ones - how much they mean to me just in-case tomorrow never comes.

My Family - Christmas 2011
If you are an Arkansas Women Bloggers (AWB) follower then you know that today is our day to reveal our ornaments… but… you have to wait a little longer to see mine.  Tonight I want to talk about something that has touched my heart. 


I have spent the last few days like most of America, thinking about the school shooting in CT and praying for comfort and strength for all those touched by this horrible event.  The loss of innocent lives makes me sad and mad.

I read one blog this weekend that touched my heart.  I feel like I need to share… …
The Anarchist Soccer Mom writes about her life as a mother with a child (13 year-old) who suffers from a mental illness.  Soccer Mom describes how the American Mental Health Care system is broken.

As a nurse I see the broken system everyday – Parents and spouse present to the emergency room with a love one out-of-control.  They need help but we have limited or no resources to offer them.  We give the same suggestions that Soccer Mom hears… “There are no beds at the acute care mental health facility you will have to take them home”, “we can call the police”, “just give them their meds they will get better.”
It is hard to turn these patients and families away – but the suggestions are true. There are never open beds for mental health patients.  If the patient would take their meds the situation might get better (of course they often need financial resources to pay for meds).  We can call the police and they will arrest the patient, the family might get a couple of hours of peace.
I do not have an answer to the issue…but I feel challenged to learn more, to try to do more.  I encourage each American to do the same.  If you have never been exposed to the horrors and heartbreak the families of the mentally ill face read Soccer Mom’s post, you heart will be touched.

Check back tomorrow - maybe I will show you my new ornament.
~ Connie ~


Laurie Ritchey said...

Connie, I so agree with you and Soccer Mom (I saw her interviewed on t.v.). What good is gun control if we are not treating the underlying causes of the need to use the guns in a violent way? I know that, as a medical professional, you know a lot more about all of this than I do, but of course, I do have an opinion anyway!! Are you surprised? Soccer Mom's concerns about her son illustrate the very real need for school counseling that involves a lot more than what is currently being offered. Troubled students are not the only students who need counseling. The entire school population should be counseled. Bullying has always been a problem with youth, but in years past, even most bullies were growing up with some religious education. I believe that "gang" bullying has become more normal. One person is bullied by a large group, and sometimes even the entire school. Is it any wonder we are producing angry young people? Your post is excellent, and apparently touched a nerve with me. I didn't intend to write a book in your comment section. Thanks for a great post! laurie

ConnieKay said...

Thank you Laurie - sometimes I think I speak just to hear myself talk. We see it everyday - mental illness that goes untreated. I am not sure what the answer is - but I can explain what the issue is.