Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Balanced Week

This has been another busy week ~ but a little more balanced.   I have purposely been leaving work on time.   Every night I am greeted by this awesome face.
Chrissy Week 4 With US
I have been pushing myself to get out of bed in the morning so that I can spend time with the Big Man.  Saturday he cooked breakfast for us and we actually sat at the kitchen table to eat. 
Of course the Texas Dogs (Angle and Oreo) kept us company.
Oreo & Angle (The Texas Dogs
WWednesday I got a new toy ~ the Galaxy Tablet 10.1.  I am in love with it.  In the past I would have to complete my clinical logs after I got home. With the Galaxy Tablet I was able to work on my clinical logs while seeing patients – this is a great time saver from me.  I am also able to keep up with the blogs I follow, facebook, and read (The Nook App is Perfect).
Galaxy Tablet.
 For those of you new to the blog, last year I taught myself to knit.  I have knitted 7 scarves and have not worn any of them.  Today was the day - I wore one to church.  I can't believe how many compliments I got on my scarf.
As the week ends I am reflecting on where I am in my life - Why has God put me where I am? Am I in the right place? Maybe I should take a lesson from Shasha Grace (160 lb Mastiff) - if it feels right just do it.
Shasha - in the little dogs bed
Update on My Blog - I am working on updating my blog - using the tips from The Arkansas Women Bloggers "Kick Start my Blog Challenge"
 Check back over the next few days to see the updates.
~ Connie ~

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Laurie Ritchey said...

Connie, love your pretty scarf. I don't know when you found time to make it though. I wish I had come to your house for breakfast Saturday. Yum! laurie