Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time - Enjoy Friends

It has been another long week –
It started Monday with an unexpected event at work that resulted in me having to work later than I planned.  Of course this change in plans made me late for the clinic board meeting. 
I am thankful for a great group of board members – they totally understand my crazy schedule and they forgive me when I forget it is my time to offer the devotional. 
Tuesday didn’t go any better with the snow causing major issues at work. I ended up helping out in the emergency room with multiple motor vehicle accidents from the snow and ice.  I got home around 8:30 pm only to get a call from the hospital with another crisis.  Thank goodness I have gotten good at handling crises via the phone and in the dark – yes we lost power.
Wednesday went better than expected, except that I realized that I have agreed to do a presentation on “Connecting the Delta – Telehealth” and the presentation is next Tuesday…what is a little more stress in my life.  OH! and, did I tell you the presentation is to a national group.  Note to self – listen to all of the details before saying yes.
Thursday turned into a 16 hour day.  With work, clinical hours (for my FNP program) followed by charitable clinic, then home to complete the paper work for the clinical hours.  I am thankful for the Big Man – he made sure the four-legged babies (remember there is now 14 ranging from 2 lbs to 160 lbs) went out to the bathroom, got something to eat, and made it to their crates
Chrissy D - #14
Friday was work, and more clinical hours, followed by dinner with Friends.  Our friends are heterogeneous group – meaning diverse in kind or nature; composed of diverse parts.  One couple are both physicians, one couple are dog lovers (they have more than we do) and one couple are everyday working folks who we met through volunteer activities.  Each couple has kids of varying ages, different hobbies, and different political views – but together over good food and good wine, we had a great time.
Funny I almost cancelled our dinner plans - I didn't think I had the time.  I am glad that I thought about my "One Little Word" - "Time" before deciding to not go.  See - for every thing there is a season.  For me after a long week - it was time to laugh and have some fun.  The Big Man said this morning over breakfast he had a good time last night - he made me realize, life is short we need to spend time with those that mean the most to us.  
 My prayer for you is to find peace, happiness, and time to celebrate friendship
~ Connie ~

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