Sunday, March 31, 2013

Putting God and Family First in a Blessed Life

As I sat in church this morning I thought wondering about tomorrow - wouldn't it be nice if we really focused on our faith everyday or rejoiced in our savior everyday.  Maybe some do - but I know I get caught up in my hectic schedule and sometimes the only time I have alone with my savior is just before I go to sleep...when all is quite.

I found this awesome picture at sometime...maybe on Facebook or Pinetrest.  It says it all. As I start next week - I am going to focus on the secret of a happy life.

I have to say it has been a busy day - after church and lunch, we cleaned the kennel.  Then cleaned us  up and headed to Jax's Birthday Party... King Jax turned 11 today.
King Jax and His Dad (our oldest son)
Today was also, our other grandson's birthday - Tyler he turned 9.  Tyler is spending the weekend with his Daddy (our middle son) who returned home form Afghanistan Thursday.  We get to see them next weekend
Tyler and His Dad (our middle son)
Next week as I try to focus more on my faith - I will work, complete at the least 8 hours of pediatric clinical, write on paper, grade a few papers, attend a 2 day conference, 2 volunteer committee meetings (Humane Society and NWTF) and start my training plan for a half marathon  - while the contractor lays new flooring in my dinning room.   
Living the Blessed Life
~ Connie ~

Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning something new

I had an hour free tonight so what would any Southern Girl do?
 I ran to my craft space and decided to try my new sewing machine.
Well I have quickly realized that I will need a semester (16 weeks) to figure this girl out.
Sewing machine check, instruction manual check, step by step video about the sewing machine check - here I go
Well video is worthless - so moving on to YouTube. 
What did we do before YouTube?
First video - how to thread a bobbin
Second video - how to thread the machine
Yea - sewing...opps I broke the needle.
Back to YouTube 
My Cheerleader - MeMe
She is waiting on me to learn how to use the machine so
I can cover that pillow she is laying on.
Third video -- how to replace the needle.
And I am, Back to sewing

YEA!  an hour later - a 4 inch seam on a scrap of fabric.
I win! well I win for tonight.
I can't wait to try the embroidery on this machine
~ Connie ~

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Things Make Me Happy

Ok - so before we star our conversation just let me say, I am sorry it has been a while since I updated you guys on my crazy life.

Now, I have some great news ~ I passed my clinical observation today!  I am one step nearer to being a nurse practitioner.
I spent the last weekend with my nose in a book - but it all paid off today. 
I also got an awesome gift this week from the Big Man.
Saturday night I decided, after 14 hours of studying, that I wanted to do something creative - so I decided to whip up curtains for my craft space.  Only it didn't go as planned, my sewing machine is 30 years old, while setting it up the cord that goes to the foot-feed broke off. 
Sunday on the way home from church I was telling the Big Man what I did - he asked if Walmart sold sewing machines,  I said yes, and he drove straight to Walmart and bought me a new machine.
I haven't had time yet to set it up, but I have had time during a couple of meetings to pick out images I want to do - got to love Pinterest.

I can't wait to spend some time with my new toy
 It is the little things make me happy.
~ Connie ~

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Time and Pinterest

It feels like forever since I sat down to share with my internet friends... I have missed blogging. The last few weeks have been filled with work, free clinic work (volunteer work), grading papers (more work part-time job) and assignments (even more work - post masters FNP).  Oh, and I have a grant funded project to get up and running in 28 days - where does the time go when you are living a blessed life?

With everything else on my plate I have had the urge to craft.  I didn't say I had created anything - I said I had the urge.  Below are a few Pinterest findings that have me wanting to craft.

 Wouldn't these little rabbits be cute on a table runner for Easter?
Quilted Placemats
 I can see these simple quilted placemats in Spring colors.
It is sees odd to me that the more chaotic my schedule is - the more I want to run. 
And, as if life was not blessed enough, we are doing some remodel work at the house. New siding, new entry door, new counter-tops, and a new patio (out door living space).  As I was mindlessly touring Pinterest I found an awesome set of plans for patio furniture. 
Check back soon- I will be posting pictures of the remodel.
~ Happy Saturday ~
I am off to write a paper, get some study time, and check on my students
~Connie ~