Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up Victoria's Story

The Blytheville Humane Society can’t be everything to every homeless animal, but Saturday afternoon, the group worked together to be the one thing a starving homeless Mastiff mix, named Victoria needed.
 Susie Brooks got a call from Humane Society Member, Denise Johnson, she had found a very thin large brindle color dog on the side of the road just off the Victoria exit.  The dog had been there at least two days - we assumed whoever had dumped her on the side of the road had left her food, water, and a crate. 

 By luck, the shelter had an open pen, Susie asked Denise to bring the dog to the shelter. 

Victoria, even though she was starving, wasn’t ready to go with Denise.  A young couple stopped and tried to help.  Together they were able to get a leash on Victoria, but Victoria still wasn’t ready to get in a vehicle. 

After a couple of calls and text messages the Big Man and I got in the truck and headed out to help, with lunch meat we were able to coax and kind of shove Victoria in the crate.  After loading Victoria, I survived the area, thinking to myself, thank goodness whoever dumped her at the least left water, food, and a crate.
I believe Mississippi County has a big heart, standing on the side of the road Saturday afternoon, my beliefs were confirmed.  A man stopped, he got out of the care with a hot pizza and thermos of ice water for Victoria. This man travels that road every day, he had noticed Victoria on Thursday and fed her what he had in the car. He had feed her again on Friday, even went back to his house and made her a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. He told us that he had seen other people stop and fed her.  He was worried about her, he called 3 agencies in the county trying to get help, but was told each time that they could not help. He had even tried to coax Victoria to get in his car, but she wasn’t ready to give up her corner.  When he could not get her in the car, he had gone home and gotten a crate and blanket so that Victoria would have shelter in case it rained. 
The one concern the man had when we said we were with the Humane Society, was Victoria being euthanized. We quickly assured him, the Blytheville Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, and Victoria will be safe till we can find her a for-ever home. 

We will never know how Victoria got to the side of the road or why she did not jump at the chance to get in a vehicle with all the kind people who stopped and offered her help.

What we do know is, that in all situations there are unseen plans and good people do exist.  Too often we dwell or focus on the bad and we could do that in Victoria’s case.  Instead we are focusing on the good – thank to everyone who not only saw one of God’s helpless creatures on the side of the road, but who also offered her a helping hand.  It is the big hearts of Blytheville and Mississippi County that makes it possible for the volunteers of the Humane Society to care for the Victoria’s in our little corner of the world. 

~ Just another day in a blessed life~

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