Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Round-up ~ Just Another Week in My Blessed Life

As I age, it seems like the weeks move by faster and faster, yet some task seem to keep going on forever.  How is that?  How can it be late July and only 5 months to Christmas and I still have 22 weeks left of the Nurse Practitioner program? 

Maybe it is true - time flies when you are having fun - and yes, my life is fun.  But time drags on when you are completing a task that isn't pleasant?  School isn't pleasant.
I am so anxious to have some time to be creative and tackle fun projects instead of school projects. This week I have been making plans for creative things I want to complete.  Below is a few of the projects I want to complete.
I want this for my dinning room table
I was blessed this weekend with 3 file cabinets like this one - I am going to use two in my craft studio.  I am going to paint one a cream color and use it in my dinning room.

While wasting time on eBay yesterday, I found these great vintage quilt blocks - lucky me bid on them and one.  I smile when I think about the time and skill that went into hand sewing each block. I plan to put them together, they will make a great quilt.
I hope each of you have time to nourish you creative side
~ Have a Great Week~
~ Connie ~

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I'm Sara. said...

Lovely filing cabinet idea and quilt squares! Happy that you "won" them on Ebay-what a delightful surprise!