Saturday, November 09, 2013

Another Monthly Roundup - Blessed Life

Living a blessed life does not leave me much time for blogging. As the leaves changed colors during this past month - moving us into a new season, my life has been filled with work, doctor visits, volunteer activities, class work and homework. 
I have been a fulltime student for the last 2 years - working towards earning a post Master's Certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner.   I will complete my education next month.  During this past month I accepted a position with a local Family Practice  I will be working with 2 adult providers and an awesome pediatrician.    It is hard to believe that I am almost there -  I should open my practice in February
Over the next month - I have to finish the class and apply for boards, while sharing my time with the Big Man who is having knee replacement surgery and the youngest son who will be having back surgery.  I know this sounds like an unmanageable amount of stress - but God has blessed me by opening a couple of doors that will allow me not have to work from the week of Thanksgiving till the end of February if needed - God is Good.
As I begin a new chapter in my life - I am reminded that every journey begins with the first step.
Stay tuned to see where my steps lead me.
~ Connie ~

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