Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Round-up ~ Just Another Week in My Blessed Life

As I age, it seems like the weeks move by faster and faster, yet some task seem to keep going on forever.  How is that?  How can it be late July and only 5 months to Christmas and I still have 22 weeks left of the Nurse Practitioner program? 

Maybe it is true - time flies when you are having fun - and yes, my life is fun.  But time drags on when you are completing a task that isn't pleasant?  School isn't pleasant.
I am so anxious to have some time to be creative and tackle fun projects instead of school projects. This week I have been making plans for creative things I want to complete.  Below is a few of the projects I want to complete.
I want this for my dinning room table
I was blessed this weekend with 3 file cabinets like this one - I am going to use two in my craft studio.  I am going to paint one a cream color and use it in my dinning room.

While wasting time on eBay yesterday, I found these great vintage quilt blocks - lucky me bid on them and one.  I smile when I think about the time and skill that went into hand sewing each block. I plan to put them together, they will make a great quilt.
I hope each of you have time to nourish you creative side
~ Have a Great Week~
~ Connie ~

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Round-up ~ 19 Years and Counting

Another week has come and gone - It amazes me when I sit down to share my life with you, how much life changes from day-to-day. 
The Big Man and I spent the 4th of July and our 19th Wedding Anniversary ill.  A horrible stomach bug consumed us for 14 days.  During that time we took turns caring for each other.  The spark or fireworks are still in our marriage - we depend on each other more today than every before.

We had time to talk about our life together - it does not seem like 19 years, unless you think about the milestones we have checked off.  The youngest son was 10 when we got married - now he is a grown man.  With the children we have experienced elementary school, middle school, high school, college (nursing, chiropractic medicine and collision repair), new jobs and the loss of jobs, marriage, divorce, and grandchildren.
As a couple we have survived working 12 hour shifts, one of us working  days and one of us working nights for 7 years.  We have started careers and ended careers.  We have ran for an elected office and won. We have experienced the loss of family members.  One of us (guess which one) has been in school for 15 years.
We have found a church home, worked together to assist the community with establishing a free health clinic, and opened our home to homeless animals. 
I have taken up running, scrapbooking and taught myself to knit. The Big Man has become a duck hunter, learned to eat sushi, and grown into a awesome handyman. We have trout fished, fished for red-snapper, hiked in the Smokey Mountains, & visited New Orleans.
Mammoth Springs, AR - Our Favorite Fishing Spot
Most importantly we are still Best Friends
Praying For Another 19 Years
~ Connie ~

Monday, July 08, 2013

Weekly Roundup ~ Sad and Blessed

It has been a few weeks sine I had time to share my thoughts - Life has been extremely busy, with work, school, more work, planning a community wide health clinic and keeping the free health clinic running.  There has been no time for sitting and thinking, or sharing my thoughts.
I have given up my part-time job.  No more teaching nursing online - I will miss the students, but I need the time.  Someone once said if something was easy -everyone would do it.  I truly believe that when it comes to running and becoming a nurse practitioner.  I had no clue 3 years ago, when a friend said "let's go back to school and be nurse practitioners"  how much time I was going to be spending reading about diseases and medications.  Just 5 more months  - staying focused.  I can do this.

As for running - just when I think I have a few minutes to add short runs to my schedule I get sick. The Big Man and I have had a stomach bug for 9 days - the only running in my world is to the bathroom.  To help me stay motivated about my running I signed up for a half marathon later in the year - not saying which one, just saying I did.  It is scary for me to admit I signed up for a half-marathon, what if I do not get to train, what if I do not finish, what if I fail...everyone will know.  Well it is out there - you all know, I signed up for a half marathon!

As I write this post, I am sitting here with a heavy heart - I young man who was special to me was murdered last night.  I can not help but wonder why? I know it is not our place to question, but I still sit here and wonder why?  This young man could have been my son. 

 By the grace of God I can only imagine the pain his family is experiencing.  I did realize today I can not tell my children enough how much I love them.  They are not perfect - but they are loves of my life. 

My Boys
My Ditty and her fellow
My Blondie
The King and his Mini Me
Each of them have grown into unique individuals. They are good people who know what it means to work hard. They understand the importance of giving and living life to its fullest.
 My heart is sad - but thankful for the blessings I have.
~ Connie ~