Sunday, January 05, 2014

Getting Started - Finding Balance

As I sit here with a lap full of Chihuahua's listening to wind whip across a frozen Northeast Arkansas, I am reminded of how blessed we are.  
January is the month when people start over - they make resolutions, joining gyms, and stock up on healthy groceries.  Me - no resolutions, no gym memberships, and I have been focusing on eating healthy for 9 months. 
At the start of 2014 I am focusing on finding balance in my life.  All work and no play makes a girl get old and grumpy. 
I have come to recognize the "superwoman syndrome": the idea that I should be able to fill all needs, including my own, all the time.
The next few days I am going to be focusing on the following:
Thinking about what is most important for me to accomplish, and why. How can I make the most of my talent and energy in order to reach my goals? What is the benefit of focusing on these few things? Does it give me more time with my family, open up more opportunities, provide additional income?
The last year and half of  imbalance has created a sense that my balance is slipping. But I have come to realize that  occasionally you have to lose your balance in order to regain it. The mistake we often make is accepting our imbalances as part of who we are -- giving up instead of trying to recover balance ~ Not this girl.  
I haven't wanted to believe that I have taken on too much, because I want to do it all and are hesitant to let anything go -- whether it's a job, obligation, or opportunity. I know that the imbalance in my life has been affecting me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
 A great way to experience balance in my life is to change the way I do some normal, everyday things. Of course, changing everything at once is sure to throw me off, but try I am thinking I will try one thing at a time.
 I have found over the last six weeks of my husbands rehab, I love to cook.  I hate how my kitchen has fallen apart over the last 18 months while I was in school. This week is my kitchen  - I am going to organize and decorate.
How do you find balance in your life?
~ Connie ~



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