Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Training Tuesday - Time to take control

Training Tuesday -  Time to take control and get back on the healthy wagon.  I use to run everyday...
Me, Lisa and Max Running for the Humane Society 
I have been working on my diet, with great results.  I am within 12 lbs of my goal weight.  Now it is time to add exercise back into my daily routine. I have used every excuse you or I either one can think of not to exercise...work, family illnesses, school, graduation, new job.... no time.  
The real issues is - I hate to exercise.  I love the results, but absolutely hate the effort it takes to get started.
I need structure.  In the past when I ran or exercised I had a partner, the Big Man (aka my husband).  We met on a group run... I fell in love with him that night. Over the last 5 years his health has started to decline and he is no longer able to exercise with me.
So...now I have a plan.
Now to focus on the motivation..  Stay tuned, cheer me long the way... I am going to do this for me and the Big Man.

~ Connie ~

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I Run...So I will not have regrets

My routine since finishing school and starting a new family practice has been to get up between 2 AM and 4 AM with my four-legged babies to potty, going back to bed and sleeping till 6 AM when I wake-up the Big Man and he takes over the kennel duties.  
I sleep in our toss and turn till 7:30... today I changed.

I got up and hit the treadmill.  It felt great.  I got in 30 minutes!  It was a walk / run but I was moving.  
I loved every minute of the activity. 

I Run so I will not have regrets.... 
I meet my husband running.  After 25 years of law enforcement (he was the entry person for the swat team) he developed COPD (chronic bronchitis), diabetes, and had to have knee replacement. He can no longer run.  I run because I know how quickly something you love can be taken away from you.
Enjoy every minute of life while you can....
~ Connie ~