Monday, April 20, 2015

Finding my motivation

It has been months since I ran consistently.  Granted my life is busy, with a new family practice clinic, a new boarding kennel, running a free health clinic, moving my Dad in with us, caring for 14 rescued fur-babies and just the general everyday family obligations, but I still feel guilty about not running.

Not running is like a dark cloud that followed me around everyday - why not run today? are you going to run?? running? 

I have been reading several books lately - Make it Happen by Lara Casey, Women Who Do To Much by Patricia Sprinkle and the Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. Each of these authors have been speaking directly to me with each page I finish...quit making excuses, find the time, make it happen.

Well Sunday I answered the question - I got on the treadmill. I wouldn't exactly call it running maybe more waddling, but I got on the treadmill and moved my legs.
It felt great - no not really, my legs hurt, my hip hurt, I was dying of thirst...but I did it.!

Guess what I got back on the treadmill on Monday.  This time, I finished with patients early so I used my lunch time to go to the gym.  Once again, It felt great - nooooo not really, but I did it.
Now to find the motivation to keep doing it... to keep run.

This is MeMe - 16 years old and still running
Stay tuned see how I do.
~ Connie ~

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