Thursday, October 01, 2015

Staring Fall with Focus - Simple Living

I have decided at the last minute to join a 31 Day-Writing Challenge. My focus for the 31-days of October is simple living. Every day of October you should check back to see how I am learning to live simple and focus on the moment. 

To help me remember and learn to enjoy the simple life, I will be reading Simply Tuesday with Bloom (in)courage book club.  

Ya'll know how I try and try to stay organized with my busy life, always looking for ways to stay find more time, to slow down.  I love my iPhone and my planner.  But, I often do not have them with me, especially when I am seeing patients.
So the Big Man bought me an Apple Watch. Today is day one with the watch, so I am undecided if the watch will be an organizational tool or a toy.  
Staring Fall with focus.

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