Sunday, February 24, 2008

Remembering What is Important

My life is full ~ Teaching, working on a doctorate, working to help establish a charitable clinic, directing a running clinic and spending time with my family. Some people are amazed at how many activities I am involved in. There was a time in my life that I did not have the skills or the resources to accomplish any of the things I do today. I am blessed – and because I am blessed I find myself staying focused on what I can give or do for others.

Scrapbooking is one way to give to others

My scrapbooks give my children a record of their life - smiling faces, frowning faces and silly poses are often forgotten with time - but a quick tour of a family scrapbook reminds us of the strenght of family ties.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Becoming Committed to the Things I Enjoy

Life is short. As a nurse I often see how short life really is ~ In 2008 - I am comitted to doing some of the things I enjoy instead of working all the time. So, what do I enjoy ~ scrapbooking my memories, trout fishing, running, swimming, bike riding with my grandsons, playing fetch with my four-legged babies and every moment I spend with my husband.

You can see from my blog I have not been focused on me. It has been two years since I shared my thoughs on this blog. In the past year and half I have started to foucs on important things in life like my sprital growth and family. I know there are other women out there who have come to the realization that life is precious and short - for those I encourage you to share your thoughts with me and follow your heart to find happiness in the time God has given you.