Sunday, March 30, 2008

Raising a Responsible Citizen

It is late I have been working on an assignment for a class on curriculum development. My grandsons are staying the weekend with us. As I am completing the assignment I can not help but think about the converstaion we had with our five year old grandson tonight -

On the way home from his birthday party (he will be six on Monday) we drove by a housefire. He asked Poppy (his grandfather) was he going home and put on his policemen uniform so he could help the people with the fire. Poppy said no - he was off duty so he could spend time with the boys.

This wonderful little boy said but Poppy - you are a policman you help people - agin Poppy explained there were other policeman at work tonight so he can spend time with his family.

After much thought this very responsible five year old said "but Poppy you are big and strong they might need you to kick the door open or carry someone out - Nanny will be ok with us and we want eat ice cream till you get home"

In his little heart he understands what it means to not be selfish and to be a responsible citizen - He also thinks Poppy walks on water - so does Nanny.

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