Monday, June 23, 2008


I start a journal but never find the time to journal everyday. I think about my blog only when I feel the need to journal but do not have the time. Life is unpredictable. I find myself not as driven at work and more focused on myself and family.

So why, is it as we age we realize that we have only a limited amount of redos? If so what would you redo? For me, I would redo only a few things in life. The first redo would be not to work as many hours as I have - until this week I have been a full time insturctor / director of an Associate Degree Nursing Program / part-time consultant online and most recently I accepted the position of director of a chariable health clinic all while working on a doctorate in education. The second would be make sure those you love know how much you love them.

What is important - my family, spending time with those I love. Doing the things that are important to me - running, trout fishing, scrapbooking, gardening and learning. The big yellow dog - is my running buddy. We should take lessons from our four-legged friends on life. He will run as far as I ask him and as hard as I do - simply to spend time with me.

Learning to balance life-
OK - as I am typing this whole balance life sentence - my youngest son calls - new grandbaby on the way. I guess I need to go so I can digest the fact that youngest son (24) was recently laid off and now he has new responsibilites.

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