Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July.

Happy 4th of July
Every day we have a blessing. Here I sit on the couch a little dog on each side and my buddy - Sir Duke at my feet (picture).

We had friends to our house for lunch - it was fun to cook for others. Cooking is something I have not done for a while. It felt great to be in the kitchen.

I spent time on Thursday scrapbooking after having an emotional day with youngest son. Scrapbooking helps me see life from many views. I can look at a picture and see how much my family loves and supports each other. I can look at a picture and remember the issues going at that moment. No family is without issues at some time or the other - The secret is to focus on the positive and overlook the negative.

DH and I rode bikes this morning - what a great morning to ride the weather was perfect and not much traffic. DH legs were getting tired - I shared my secret for getting through a ride or a run when I feel like I can't finish - I am riding or running because someday I will not be able to - there are many who can not - push a little more and enjoy the pain while you can.... Still trying to talk DH into a 30 mile bike ride.

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