Saturday, April 18, 2009

Four Months Into 2009

Four months into 2009 and I am no more in control than I was at the beginning of the year. Well maybe that is not true. I am in control - but I am making bad choices.

Do I have time to run - if I wanted to run I would find time to run. Prioritizing what is important in my life is an area that needs work. Instead of getting up to run - I sleep in.
My Dad has always said - you can sleep when you are dead - so why do I sleep in????

Sunday morning is only two hours away - I am going to get up early and excuses.

Scrapbooking - is like running - I enjoy the process but I do not make it a priority. Tomorrow I will clean my scrapbookroom and set out my next project.

No one else is going to put me first - I owe to me!

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