Friday, May 01, 2009

Take It and Run Thursday - Findng Time

Carrying over a conversation started in the Runner's Lounge - finding time to run. I do not think about finding time to run - I think about finding time for me.
As a wife, mother (six adults and seven four-legged babies), a nurse, nursing program director, volunteer charitable clinic director, avid scrapbooker, and doctoral student - I have a full calendar.

Since January when we fell victim to an ice storm that resulted in the city being without electricity for a week - I have lost my dedication to me. That week was chaos - and I am just now starting to fell like the chaos is slowing down.

So - around mid-April I decided to focus on me - I am the most important person in my life - without a healthy me I can not accomplish all that I want to do.

I have gone back to using my calendar - setting alarms on my phone - telling others my plans. All of these activities keeps me focused and honest.

Finding time is about being honest - we have to be honest with ourselves - what is important to us? Is being healthy important? Do we like to feel stressed - is that why we do not find time to run? Not me - I am going to be stress free - I am going to make time / balance my life - I am going to run!!!!

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