Sunday, January 09, 2011

Converstaion and Genes Ensure I Am Me

Sunday morning – a hot cup of coffee and computer in hand I am sitting at the kitchen table reflecting on the last couple of days with my family. Focusing on my word – "simple". I realize that relationships are anything but simple. Five adult children, my father, and my sister make a dynamic group.
Dynamics in any group are not simple. We can control only ourselves – we can guide our own thoughts but we have zero control over others – even our own offspring.

 Sometimes I have wondered if I was adopted or found under a cabbage leaf - I have very little in common with my family. But this weekend, I did realize that I share the same genes as my mother and grandmother.

I routinely call a child by the wrong name – example If I am wanting to talk to Jax, I call each child’s name till I get to the correct one – Jeffery, Justin, Chad, Jer Jer, (finally) Jax. – is this a sign of dementia? I do not think so – my grandmother and my mother both called roll till they got the right name.
“It is a wise mother who gives her child roots and wings” Chinese Proverb

Running for a future – my athletic genes come from my Dad.
He asked as if surprised - you run? my reply - I try to run. 
His next question - why? my reply - to keep me healthy. 
His next question - how far do you run?  my reply - 2 to 5 miles.
His next question - you are running in a race? my reply - I am focusing on completing a race.
His next question - why?  my reply - because I want to.
His reply - simply shaking his head as if to say "I do not understand".

Some forms of conversation never change ~

So – I am off to run, grade a few papers, and scrapbook memories from this weekend. (Notice I put me first – not work).
Keeping it Simple ~

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