Saturday, January 01, 2011

What does 2011 hold for me? Simplicity?

My word is simple ~ as in simplify your life. The original plan was simple – the plan begins at birth – we breath in and out. No one tells us to breath, we do not have to purchase something, we do not have to collect anything, and we simply breathe. So 2011 is my year of simple. What made me think of choosing a word for 2011.

I follow Katie Orse’s blog . Katie is choosing a single word for 2011, in keeping with my thoughts on needing to simplify my life I have been using the word simple in my goals even before thinking I need a single word for 2011. Here are the running goals for 2011 posted on before reading Katie’s blog :
The Little Rock Half-Marathon
Run 700 Miles
Simplify My Life

So what other goals are will guide my simple life in 2011:
Listen more
Enjoy the simple things in life (family, friends, health and faith)

Ok – so follow me in 2011 and see how simple works in the hectic life I have created.
Happy New Year
~ Connie ~

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