Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy But Frustrated

Here it is Sunday night and I find myself frustrated and happy.  I am happy because I enjoyed the weekend.  I had planned to take off Friday but I ended up helping decorate a table for the hospital at a senior citizen fund raiser.  I am really proud of how the table came out.

The center piece is one I put together for my dining room.  I added the hurricane lamps that also came from my dining room

My niece came for a very short visit - she is allowing me to keep her four-legged babies while she finishes her last year of college.

Meet Angel - She is 11 years old. She is a sweet girl.

And, Oreo - he is 10 years-old. He is a great guy. He is trying hard to understand why he has to share our house with other four-legged babies.

Ok - so why am I frustrated - Another week has gone by and I have read a couple of books on running but not hit the road. So maybe next week.  Maybe my motivation will find the strength to get me up and moving.
Have a great week ~

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