Monday, April 18, 2011

Do- Over For a Non-Runner

Today is the first day of the rest of your life - I have heard that saying throughout my life.  What does "the first day of the rest of you life" really mean to a runner who has become a non-runner.

It means I get a do-over.  I get to start today with a clean slate. I do not have to feel guilty because I did not run  yesterday, or the day before, or last month.

I am rereading Jeff Galloway's "Marathon You Can Do It"  This week's schedule is 30 minutes of walk/jog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday followed by 3 easy miles on Sunday. 
Some of you are thinking - what that is not marathon training. Yes it is marathon training, when the only real training you have been doing is walking the 11 year-old dog.

Angel is a good dog - but her springy step is short lived. 

Check back tomorrow - hold me accountable.  If I know you are watching maybe I will run.
~ Connie ~

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