Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Next Breath is not promised

We never know if today is our last day. Last week was filled with hype about the end of the world. For residents in Joplin, MO. their world did end last night when an F-4 tornado ripped thru the town. My heart goes out to those affected by the tornado. I guess that means I cried for me and you and the residents of Joplin, MO. We are affected - or at the least we should be affected.

I cried last night every time I turned the TV to on check on the news about Joplin. I cried for the people who lost their lives, for the family members left behind, for those who lost everything they had worked for, and for the healthcare workers who selflessly stayed with their patients not knowing if their families and homes had been affected.

St John's Hospital

How do we help? Pray, with God all things are possible and make a donation to the Red Cross. I know from personal experience the Red Cross's assistance in this type of crisis is priceless. Their services do come with a cost, not to the one receiving the service but, to the organization. It cost money to feed, house, and provide medical supplies, counselors and bedding to those who have nothing.

Me - I have prayed several times for those affected by the tornado - and I will continue to pray. I will also make a monetary donation to the Red Cross - only because I can't physically go to assist the Red Cross.
Please consider what you can do - today. Our next breath is not promised.

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