Thursday, May 05, 2011

What Makes Up Your Foundation?

I am the queen of taking on multiple projects.
I am responsible for multiple departments in two hospitals.
I am a full-time student in a nurse practitioner program.
I am the volunteer director for a charitable health clinic.
I am a Red Cross volunteer.

I am the proud mother to six adult children.
I am the proud parent of twelve rescued four-legged children.
I am active in my church and community.
I am training for my first-half marathon.

Then life throws a hurdle to see if I can juggle everything and jump. This week it was a flash flood at my house. Water in two rooms, the garage and the dogs’ room. I could have been angry or frustrated over the water - but after taking a moment to reflect on the water I realize I am blessed. I have a home to flood. I have friends who came to help us clean up the mess.

How do I do everything - with support. A solid support system gives a solid foundation to everything you do.

For me, my husband and children are my support system. My belief in those to whom much is given, much is expected also fuels my soul.

What makes up you foundation?

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