Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-Year Update

Wow it has been a month since I blogged and I just realized that we are halfway through 2011. 
Now is a good time for me to review my 2011 Goals.
Here are the running goals for 2011 posted on
The Little Rock Half-Marathon -Registered for March 2012 half marathon – did not make this one but I haven’t given up.  I am considering running a half marathon in November; this would make my 2011 goal of running a half marathon.
Run 700 Miles - Need to pick-up the miles if I am going to make this one.
Simplify My Life - ?

So what other goals are will guide my simple life in 2011:
Listen moretrying to work on this one.
Enjoy the simple things in life (family, friends, health and faith) – working on this one.
If you notice I did not make a note next to Simplify My Life – how do you know when life is simple?  I haven’t added any new projects. Does that make my life simple? I am trying to carve out time each weekend to spend time with the Big Man. 

What is simple? Am I simple enough?  The next few days I plan to spend some quite time reflecting on simple –what is simple? How can I my life be simpler?
Check back on Sunday for an update ~

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