Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is your Goliath?

Today has been a stressful day – but after a great dinner with the Big Man I have come to a few thoughts that put a peaceful end to my day.

An attitude can give us an uncommonly positive perspective (according to John Maxwell) -Example: When Goliath came up against the Israelites, the soldiers all thought "He's so big we can never kill him" David looked at the same giant and thought "He's so big I can't miss" - Come on Giant - I think Like David.
Paul in Philippians talks about attitudes – he tells us of five things about the proper Christain attitude:
1. Do things for the right reasons.
2. Regard others as more important than yourself.
3. Look out for the interests of others.
4. Christ recognized His sonship and therefore was willing to serve God and others.
5. Possess the attitude of Christ, who was not power hungry but rather emptied Himself, demonstrated obedience and fulfilled God’s purpose.
I have spent many hours in prayer and meditation– I know God has put me where I am for a purpose.  I know that my heart is right, I have always regarded others as more important than myself, I recognize (an find comfort and joy) in being a child of Christ, I am not power hungry and I work hard every day to be obedient and fulfill God’s purpose – Goliath I am not afraid of you.
What is your Goliath? Do you have a David attitude?

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