Sunday, January 29, 2012

Plans for a Balanced Life

Balance is my “One Little Word” for 2012.

Balance is a feeling or a state of mind. This feeling is derived from peace; it's a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining a quality in life.  My life is made up of many areas including your health, family, social, work, spiritual, recreation, personal growth, volunteer work and more.

The issue for me – like many of you reading this blog – is finding time to fit everything in to 24 hours.  I can’t spend time every day in each area of your life in equal amounts; the goal is to spend enough quality time in each area that I feel at peace.
I try to think of my life, like a set of building blocks being arranged in a structure. If one block is smaller or shorter than the other my structure will not be straight.  My structure would be at risk of collapsing.

Finding Balance in Life
A balanced life is about infusing into life what is important to me. I have the power (and so do you) to make choices about what comes first.  Making choices empowers you to live a balanced life.

Steps fof 2012
1.     Focus on my priorities. Spending time and energy on my personal and professional priorities. I am saying "no" to everything else. I am the only person that knows what is valuable in my life.
2.     Get organized.  I am creating a structured plan each day rather than reacting to whatever comes up. I using a modified version of Ashley Lewis “Seven Minute Life” – I am planning to accomplish 5 task before 11.

I am arranging time in my schedule for other activities besides work so that my days are not only balanced, but rewarding. I find running, knitting, scrapbooking and   spending time with my family rewarding.

3.     Be flexible.  I am learning to be flexible without being overrun. I am also learning to accept the fact that I am notperfect – some task will not get completed

Create daily routines. I am working on creating daily healthy habits. I recognize that I need to relax and relieve stress. Journaling, mediation (yoga) and running are my stress management tools.  I am focusing on eating healthy. This is not just for me, but also for the Big Man (aka my husband – the love of my life).

5. Simplify your life.  Simple was my One Word for 2011 – I think this is something I will always struggle with, so I am not letting it go in 2012.

I am working on not over-scheduling or over-committing. I have learned that saying yes and over committing leaves me not time for what is important and makes me angry. 
When your life is overcomplicated and overfull, there's little space for what truly matters. And there's no room for personal growth, positive energy, love, or even breathing at times

What does you circle look like?  How are you balancing your life? ~ Connie ~

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