Thursday, February 02, 2012

Training Thursday - Adding Yoga

I have been interested in yoga since I took my first class. Living in rural Arkansas presents many obstacles for expanding my understanding of yoga. Yoga is about wellness - it is proactive activity rather than reactive state.

Healing and wellness is more than moving beyond a disease state. Wellness encompasses a spiritual understanding, a sense of purpose, emotional well-being and an excitement at being alive. Yoga is an ancient practice of linking mind, body and spirit through a combination of postures, breathing and conscious relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "union" or "yoking." the union described is the mixture of physical, mental, and spiritual energies to enhance health Yoga is an ancient practice of linking mind, body, and spirit to promote wellness.

This week I have added an online resource to help me understand and grow my skill with yoga.
Yoga Online .    
I would love to hear for others who practice yoga.
~ Connie ~

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