Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Memories - Using Studio J

Monday Memories ~
Simplicity (2011) and Balance (2012) are my “one little word(s)”.  These are the words I use to make decisions, to ground me, to help me be a better person.   They are also how I try to live my life.

I blogged a few weeks ago about using Studio J, today I want to share Studio J artwork with you. There are endless possibilities for creating scrapbook pages with Studio J.  Below is a sample from the Studio J Artwork Page

Someone asked me once why I scrapbook -

The answer is simple.  When my mother died, my sisters and I had shoe-boxes full of pictures.  Some we could guess at but others we had no way of knowing who the people in the pictures were or where they were taken.  -
I scrapbook so that my children and my grandchildren do not have boxes of pictures without memories
Happy Monday
~ Connie ~

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