Sunday, August 05, 2012

A-Z All About Me - E for Energetic

This week’s letter is E. Playing along with the A - Z All About Me Challenge at  Love Kate  has become a weekly game with my husband (the Big Man).

Every week I ask the Big Man, if you could describe me with one word that begins with the letter what would it be.  The week's letter is E, wwithout blinking an eye, he said, “energetic, you run hard and play hard”

It is funny he sees me as energetic, especially after last week.  By Friday afternoon I was exhausted not energetic.  I came home from work and took a nap.  I even got a nap on Saturday. Slowing down has given me an opportunity to reflect on how much energy I am expending on things that are important and on things that are not important.
According to Brian Tracy
Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.
I agree my energy flows from my thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values.

I  have come to the realizaiton that to maintain my energy I am going to have to start taking better care of myself. 
How do I take better care of myself? How do I maintain my Energy level?
8 hours of sleep
Regular exercise
Healthy Diet
Learning to say No
~ Connie ~

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