Friday, August 03, 2012

Making wise choices

It has been a long week ~ As I was catching up on Facebook tonight I found this post at Simplify101:

I started to think about my life. 
My Week
Full time job 8 – 6, Mon- Fri (callback one-night at 10 for 2 hours) , Part-time job – teaching online (15 hours a week), running a free health-clinic, volunteer work and just the day-to-day responsibilities of a home, 13 four-legged children and a marriage has left me exhausted.
This schedule has also left me with no time to run or scrapbook. I feel out-of-balance.  

“When you say “yes,” you’re ultimately saying “no” to something else. Choose your yeses and no’s wisely and you’ll create a life you love”.

Is this the life I love?  I created it, have I chosen wisely?  How do I recreate my life?  Lot’s to think about – do you ever feel like you need to recreate your life?  Do you feel like you haven’t made wise choices?
~ Connie ~

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