Sunday, August 19, 2012

The letter G - Grace. A to Z All About Me Challenge

This week on Love Kate, The A-Z All About Me Challenge we are using the letter G.
Of course I asked the Big Man, “If you could describe me with one word that begins with the letter G – what would it be”?

The BIg Man
He thought for a few minutes and said: Gorgeous, generous, and grace.  

As the weeks and letters have passed, I am consistently amazed that the Big Man sees me differently from how I see myself.  I wonder if others see me like the Big Man does, or does his love come with rose-colored glasses?  
I would never describe myself as gorgeous – Gorgeous is an adjective that is used to describe something; that is splendid or sumptuous in appearance.  At best I could be informally described as Gorgeous;  something that is extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant. 
Generous – is an adjective used to describe someone as giving or sharing; large, abundant, ample, and / or something as rich or a strong flavor.
Grace, on the other hand is a noun.  Grace can be elegance or beauty.  It can be a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior (God’s Grace).  It can be mercy, clemency, or pardon.
My question to answer is – do these words describe me?
I am good, enjoyable and pleasant.  I have a big heart and I give freely. I give of my time, money, and talents daily.  I do this because of the Grace I have been given. I have received grace in my life, beyond my own belief.  I strive to everyday give or show God’s grace.      
How do you think others see you?  Can you see God's Grace in your life?                                        
~ Connie ~

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