Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gratitude getting in the way of my Goals?

Today is a great day ~ I am feeling rested and in control.  I am still wrestling with aligning my goals with my life.

As I was reading today I ran across a blog entry at Simplify101 - I love the blogs and articles at Simplify101, I have been reading Aby's blog for a couple of years. She is always upbeat and on target with advice for simplifying and organizing your life and home.

Today as I was reading the following passage jumped out at me:
The benefits of gratitude have been documented by others as well. In fact, according to an article in the November 2008 issue of Real Simple magazine, expressing gratitude gives you a sense of control plus it can improve your health and raise your self-esteem—all good stuff.

I think my issue has been a feel so thankful and grateful for everything I have that I feel obligated to give it all back.  Today I have come to a realization ~ If I give it all back, there is nothing left for me.
What do you keep for you?
~ Connie ~

Monday, November 26, 2012

How do you know you are living the life intended for you?

Monday is almost done ~ I am feeling better and more in control. 
I have not decided on how to restructure my life, but I know that God will show me his plan.
I found this quote today on pinterest - "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." 
Making a life is about defining what is important.  What is important to me?
My Family
Living the plan God has for me
Providing care for God's creatures (my four-legged children).
Clowie Bell - Rescued 2009

For me the issue is knowing what God's plan is for me. 
How do you know you are living the life you are intended to live?
~ Connie ~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life Has Been Out Of Control

Wow it doesn’t seem like it has been 5 weeks since I last posted ~ Life is great.  Well maybe not that great.

Sometimes too much gratefulness can lead to trouble.  Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks and realized – I just crashed. Last week that happened to me.  I failed at something that means a lot to me and I became ill.  Failing is hard - I have never failed at anything.
I run on the belief that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.   Because of my many blessings, I not only work for a rural health care system, which means I wear two or three hats at one time, but I also teach nursing online, run a free health clinic, am working on completing a post-master’s degree in family practice, and I am an active volunteer in my community.  On top of all of this my husband ran a campaign and was elected to the Mississippi County Quorum Court. 
With all of these things going on at one time - I have been running on 3 – 5 hours of sleep a night, horrible food and no exercise.  So, this weekend I crashed – from exhaustion and a urinary tract infection.

This next week I will be in thoughtful consideration and prayer for direction.  I refuse to ever push myself to the point of crashing again.  I want time to enjoy life. I want to have time to run, practice yoga, scrapbook, trout fish and knit.... What do you do when you find your life out of control?