Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meet Chrissy - Alone, Cold, Hungry, and Scared

I meet Chrissy on Christmas Eve - alone, scared, cold, and starving.  She appears to have puppies somewhere.  She and I spent an hour looking at each other. Me sitting on the cold mud her sitting on a grassy spot.  Cars passing by - my neighbors trying to figure out what I was doing.
Me throwing bread pieces and her eating them in one bite.  The Big Man went back to the house and got us  dog food. She was eating dog food till a vehicle stopped and she ran off.  I know I couldn't catch her, if she had puppies with the storm coming they would freeze to death.  I cried all the way home - thinking she would not survive the blizzard.

On Christmas day I went out twice to try to find her - I prayed each time for God to warp his hand around her and keep her warm and safe.

 I returned to work Wednesday.  I looked for her before and after work - I went to bed Wednesday night thinking she had died in the Blizzard.
On Thursday morning as I was pulling out of my drive way, I thought to myself, If I don't find her this morning she is probably dead.
Guess who was sitting at the end of my road - Chrissy. 

She stopped when I called her name - for a moment her ears perked up.  I had food in my car. She ate all of it on the side of the road while I petted her head.  My neighbors driving by. I am sure they are thinking I am crazy for standing in freezing weather feeding a stray dog.
For those of you who do not know, I am married to one of the best men in the world. I called him and he brought me more dog food.  Chrissy followed me to the end of the road (me in heels and dressed slacks) to an abandoned house - where I can feed her off the road. 
She eats and lets me pet her.  Still no puppies to be seen.
So tonight, on my way home, I got called back to the hospital.  I called the Big Man and he took food to the abandoned  house so that Chrissy could find it.
Guess What?  Chrissy was waiting on dinner - The Big Man was able to pet her while she ate.
What is next?
I am not sure how this will end - Chrissy is an awesome Mom, she has braved the cold and her fears to feed her babies.  She has graciously taken what food I have to offer.  Her eyes occassionally shine when you talk to her -
Tomorrow - The Big Man and I are going to search around the abandon house for puppies. 
For now, praying that God continues to keep Chrissy warm and safe. I can keep her feed.
Please pray with me - No animal should be hungry, scared and cold.
~ Connie ~


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robin Richardson said...

God bless you for taking the time and trouble to feed this poor dog.