Sunday, December 30, 2012

Southern Girl In The Duck Pit

The Big Man loves to Duck Hunt - Some Southern Women love to Duck Hunt.  Not this girl, I can't kill an animal. 
The two youngest sons usually Duck Hunt with the Big Man. This year one is in Afghanistan and the other one is working lots of extra hours.
There isn't many things that I ask the Big Man not to do but, hunting alone is one of those things.
He has asthma and arthritis. If he fell or has an asthma attack he might not be able to get help.
So - This Texas Raised Southern Girl put her Big Girl Pants on and went to the Duck Pit.
It is amazing how many layers of cloths you can get under a large size pair of pants.  Dressed and ready - I forgot that Duck hunting means mud and water in 20 degree weather.
As we made our way by four-wheeler down the muddy road to the water - and then across the water to the Duck Pit. I realized just what I had agreed too.
After - removing the trap from the blind, handing the Blind Bag, gun (only 1, I am a bystander), and my little bag (extra blanket) to the Big Man in the pit - walking through the water and mud (lots of mud) and setting up the mojo duck, then carefully following the Big Man's instructions camouflaging the four-wheeler.  Finally - I can descend into "The Duck Pit"
Poor Man, I know he was wishing the boys were with him and not this crazy women with her missed matched camouflage attire,  cellphone, camera, blanket, and Nook. 
Much to my surprise I settled right in. The time alone with the Big Man was great.
I think I could have taken a nap. 
But, then you have to undo everything you did to get in the blind - uncamoflauge the four-wheeler, hand all the stuff out of the pit and load the four-wheeler,cover the pit with the tarp,  retrieve the mojo duck, make your way back across the water to the muddy road and finally to the truck - the glorious warm truck.
Wait, you have to unload the four-wheeler and put the four-wheeler on the trailer. Now - the glorious warm truck. 
Oh what us Southern Girls will do for our Man
~ Connie ~


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