Sunday, January 13, 2013

Plans Changed

Every Sunday night I try to figure out where the weekend went.  This weekend is no exception. We had planned to attend the Arkansas National Wild Turkey Federation State Banquet and replace our oven (that went out on Christmas Day)
 Mother Nature changed our plans.  
We had a flash flood that resulted in 2 inches of water in our garage and kennel.  The kennel is home to 12 of our fur-babies.  We had to move the larger fur-babies into the sun-room to keep them dry.  The little fur-babies crates are on a shelf so they were safe from the rising water.
We pumped the water out of the kennel, dried the floors, washed and dried blankets and moved the babies back to their room. Saturday night the rain started again - up at 5 AM pumps back out. This time we worked fast enough to keep the water out of the kennel. 
So - we missed the NWTF banquet.
Fellow NWTF Blytheville Beards & Spurs members were there to accept the awards.
 Awards: Top Women in the Outdoors - Top Jakes - Top Wheelin Sportsman - Golden Gobbler - Top Overall Chapter!  We rocked the State.
 We did get the new oven and it is installed
We also bought a new refrigerator (will be delivered tomorrow)
I cooked dinner tonight as the Big Man helped friends load the old refrigerator. As we finished dinner I realized - I have enjoyed my time with the Big Man.  The weekend didn't go as planned but we spent 48 hours as a team - together.
Hope you had a great weekend
~ Connie ~


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