Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

No recipes today - I did cook tonight but it was a simple dish, Lasagna.  Whole wheat noodles layered with browned turkey, onions, green peppers and canned sauce. I added a little pizza mixed cheese between the two layers and on the top.
The Big Man usually cooks dinner since I use my evening to grade papers, complete clinical logs, or study.  Of course tonight he said dinner was awesome - well yes, but it was more awesome because he did not cook.
The Big Man
The Big Man had his first Quorum Court meeting tonight - I secretly think he is liking this new role.
Me - I lived through presenting my first webinar today. I spoke on telehealth and how the rural hospital system I work for uses telehealth. It was actually fun after I got passed being nervous.  I will post the link for the archived version when it becomes available.
I am a little excited tonight - I get my new notebook tomorrow and my Project Life Kit should be here..... Life is Good!
~ Connie ~

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