Monday, February 11, 2013


I have been rethinking my blog – I first started blogging as a means to help me stay honest with my training.  Well – training is another topic that I don’t want to discuss now, so let’s move on to where I see my blog going.
 I was posting Tasty Tuesdays and Training Thursdays. Life got busy and I have not been faithful with keeping that schedule.  Then I started thinking – umm, I should post about my four-legged children.  They are so much fun, and bring joy to our home… maybe the world needs to know you can live a healthy, clean, organized life with 14 (yes I said, 14) four-legged fur children.
Organized – I though at one time I would write about raising five (one was grown when I married the Big Man) - but I realized that most of what I did was common sense. And, scrapbooking – I love to preserve our family’s history.  But once again, life keeps me from doing something I love.

Maybe my blog should include how I am going to rebuild my life.   But, what life do I want?  Didn’t I create this life?  Isn’t everything I do, my choice? Wow – how did I go down this rabbit hole?

The purpose of this post was to ask questions:
How do you organize and schedule your blog?
Where do you find the time or commitment to be faithful to your blog?
~ Connie ~


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gina knuppenburg said...

Great question! I flip-flop between wanting something more from blogging {ie-making money or getting a great following} and just blogging for myself. Pretty much, I've realized that I don't have a whole lot to offer. I'm not an expert at anything so I just continue to blog about whatever happens to be on my mind. Blogging has brought me some fun opportunities and I've made a ton of friends through it, so that's a huge plus.