Sunday, April 07, 2013

An Ordinary Life with Blessing

As I sit quietly in the Study - I can her my men snoring away in the Den.  The Big Man, King Jax, and Jer Jer snoring in unison.  
I wonder if my children and grandchildren really know how much I love them and how proud I am of each of them?  Sure we have had our ups and downs but I wouldn't change a thing.  Each of them are their own individual person.  I know each of them has a big heart  and knows what it means to do the right thing. They would never leave a living thing (person or animal) in need. Sometimes I look at them and wonder how I got so lucky.  They didn't come with instructions but they turned out - not just good, but great.  I am blessed

                                                    My Boy's Playing Basketball Today

Recap of last week's blessing. 
Work was work.  I love my job but it has some frustrating points. I enjoyed the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Quality Conference.  
My clinical hours were awesome - I am beginning to feel more comfortable diagnosing children.  I am almost finished with my paper on pyloric stenosis. 

I got in 1 run and 1 yoga class this week. Both left me feeling out-of-shape.
I made it to the Humane Society meeting - I am officially in charge of the Humane Society Pet Show.

The Humane Society's New Mascot

As for the house remodel - the flooring is installed in the dinning room, the walls in the dinning room are painted - need to finish the trim and paint the kitchen... then we are starting on the patio. I will post pictures next week when I get the furniture back in the rooms. 
I did get a new toy this week -  
I can't wait to play.  I am going to teach myself to quilt.
I hope everyone has a blessed week
~ Connie ~

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