Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Life is Fragile

Today did not start as expected - it started with me standing by a friend as his wife left this life.  It is in those moments when I see how fragile life is, that I remember tomorrow is not promised.
Sitting here tonight with my four-legged babies, I started thinking about how quickly life changes.  My friend had been married for 35 years.  Like me, he is a nurse, he said to me - I have done this 1000 times for others, it is harder on this side (he was referring to being the family).  He is right, it is hard, it is also hard  to be a nurse and know that when God calls someone home, there is nothing we can do to ease the pain the family experiences. 
As I stood with my friend this morning, with my heart breaking for him, I realized that The Big Man would be devastated if I left him and I would be lost without the Big Man.
Tonight - I wonder how will my life be measured ?
In the end - there are more questions than answers. 
Remember to say what needs to be said -  Love like tomorrow doesn't exist - 
 Make sure your moments take your breath away.
Life is fragile
~ Connie ~

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