Sunday, June 02, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Finding Peace

As usual - it has been a week. 
My mother use to say there is "no peace for the wicked" - I really don't think I am wicked, and I certainly hope no-one thinks I am wicked, but there has been no peace (will maybe just a little) at my house this week.
My washing machine decided to get sick last Sunday night - the repair man came out but she needs a transplant so we are on a waiting list - for a new drum.  Hopefully she will be well by this coming Thursday.
My car decided it didn't want the washing machine to have all the attention - so she let a wheel-bearing go out. Luckily, we have an awesome mechanic who got her fixed quickly.  But, it meant a trip to the Chevrolet / Cadillac dealership where the Big Man decided he needed a new truck.
  Look what the Big Man got - A New Shiny Red Truck
Oh, but we were supposed to pick the truck up on Friday afternoon, instead we made an emergency run to the veterinarian's  office.
Gidget found a water moccasin that did not belong in our backyard. With the Big Man telling her he had it under control - she decided he still needed assistance in killing the snake, so she grabbed it.  Her heroics ended up with three bites from the snake. Luckily the Big Man was home and I was only 5 minutes away  - a shot of antibiotics and steroids along with antibiotics and steroids at home - have the girl ready to tackle the next snake.
I did get a couple of days of yoga in this week.
I got to do a little sewing
A cushion for the bench in the sunroom
A new pillow for the four-legged babies in the sunroom
So, I have had a busy week (nothing new for me) but I have also found time to do the things I enjoy and to recognize Peace is focusing on life as it should be rather than as I want it to be.
I hope everyone has a great week
~ Connie ~

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