Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Round-up ~ 19 Years and Counting

Another week has come and gone - It amazes me when I sit down to share my life with you, how much life changes from day-to-day. 
The Big Man and I spent the 4th of July and our 19th Wedding Anniversary ill.  A horrible stomach bug consumed us for 14 days.  During that time we took turns caring for each other.  The spark or fireworks are still in our marriage - we depend on each other more today than every before.

We had time to talk about our life together - it does not seem like 19 years, unless you think about the milestones we have checked off.  The youngest son was 10 when we got married - now he is a grown man.  With the children we have experienced elementary school, middle school, high school, college (nursing, chiropractic medicine and collision repair), new jobs and the loss of jobs, marriage, divorce, and grandchildren.
As a couple we have survived working 12 hour shifts, one of us working  days and one of us working nights for 7 years.  We have started careers and ended careers.  We have ran for an elected office and won. We have experienced the loss of family members.  One of us (guess which one) has been in school for 15 years.
We have found a church home, worked together to assist the community with establishing a free health clinic, and opened our home to homeless animals. 
I have taken up running, scrapbooking and taught myself to knit. The Big Man has become a duck hunter, learned to eat sushi, and grown into a awesome handyman. We have trout fished, fished for red-snapper, hiked in the Smokey Mountains, & visited New Orleans.
Mammoth Springs, AR - Our Favorite Fishing Spot
Most importantly we are still Best Friends
Praying For Another 19 Years
~ Connie ~

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