Monday, August 26, 2013

Things a Texan Loves About The Great State of Arkansas

I realized today that it has been several weeks since I shared my life. I had a few minutes today, so I decided to check in at Arkansas Women Bloggers.  I am consistently amazed at the dedication of the bloggers at Arkansas Women Bloggers – this great group never misses a beat.

It isn’t like I have been doing nothing, since my last post, I coordinated a community wide 9 day free health clinic, finished the last 40 hours of clinical time and a final in adult health.  Today my few minutes of down time is – while I sit in a hospital room with my son who had surgery today – I will post more later this week on his surgery. 

Now I want to participate in the “top ten things I love about Arkansas” –  I will always be a Texan by birth but I truly love the Great State of Arkansas.

Favorite stretch of road in Arkansas: US 63 between Hardy AR and Mammoth Springs, AR.
Favorite time of year in Arkansas: October
Favorite place to eat fancy in Arkansas: Bistro 1121, Blytheville, AR.
Favorite place to eat casual in Arkansas: Olympia Steak House on the patio (Blytheville, AR).
Favorite place to get away in Arkansas: Mammoth Springs AR
Favorite place to walk in Arkansas: Craighead Forest, Jonesboro AR
Favorite thing that grows in Arkansas: Watermelon
Favorite place to swim in Arkansas: North Fork Lake
Favorite colorful expression or place name in Arkansas:  this one I have to think on this one…..
Favorite fair or festival in Arkansas: Blytheville Chili Cook-off

I can’t wait to see what everyone else says.


Diane Roark said...

It sounds like you are extremely busy. I just found you from the link up on Arkansas Women bloggers. I am also from Arkansas-Conway. I enjoy meeting other Arkansas bloggers.
Blessings, Diane Roark

Diane Roark said...

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