Monday, October 07, 2013

Playing Catchup - The Month of September

Where has the time gone? I have not shared my life with you since August.  Wow ~ 
Let's see since August - Youngest son is recovering from his surgery. 
My Youngest Son
The Big Man has reached the point of needing knee replacements. 
The Big Man
The youngest daughter has decided on a destination wedding. 
The Youngest Daughter and her family
The middle grandson has started playing football. 
Me and the two of the grandsons - They are 12 and 13
We rescued 3 puppies from a tiny town in Northeast AR that has very little compassion for strays. 
Hallie, Gert and Jules
They are safe at a rescue, awaiting their forever homes.
Of course I am still working 40+ hours a week and finishing the last semester of the family nurse practitioner program (Only 73 days left - not that I am counts)
Hoping everyone's life is as blessed as ours.
P.S. I did get a couple of runs in - sorry to say I am back to more walking than running.

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