Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Giving Tuesday - Charities That We Support

The Big Man and I were talking tonight - as he lay in a hospital bed, after having knee replacement surgery today - we are blessed.  We are not wealthy, yet after 19 years of marriage and raising 6 children we are blessed beyond belief.

Over the years as our blessing have grown we have focused on giving back to the community. There are 3 charities that we support. We believe in these charities to the point, that if, we won the lottery these 3 charities would be the first to receive our support.

Blytheville First United Methodist Church
The church is our rock - it is only by the Grace of God that we are blessed. The church's mission     team works diligently to support local charities.
The Great River Charitable Clinic is a free health clinic that provided medical, dental, optometry and pharmacy to the residents of Mississippi County that do not have insurance. The clinic was opened in March of 2009 - the Big Man and I have been part of the volunteer team since the clinic opened.
For those of us that have access to healthcare we do not think about what it means to not have healthcare.  For the patients of the Great River Charitable Clinic - access is life changing or life saving.  The clinic is operated on grants and community donations - the patients do not pay for any part of their care.

The Blytheville Humane Society - A No Kill Shelter.  The Blytheville Humane society is very dear to our hearts.  The Big Man and I have 13 rescue babies - each have come from horrible situations - they come into to our life scared, untrusting, yet they want to be part of the pack, they want to be loved.  The Blytheville Humane Society takes in the unwanted, the scared, the unloved - with a core of volunteers and only community donations - they provide care for up to 100 animals at a time.  No animal will ever be euthanized - For some that doesn't sound like much. But, can you imagine being scared, wanting someone to love, and then a person shows up - puts a leash on you and walks you down the hall only to say goodbye. 

My Grandpuppies
Just like every person deserves access to healthcare - every animal deserves a safe life - all of this is part of God's Plan.  We live by the Golden Rule and  we support charities that support the Golden Rule.

As the holiday season approaches, please consider donating to a charity that has meaning to you.
Have A Great Week

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